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VidaShield was developed through a partnership between Ushio America, Inc. and American Green Technology, with the goal of improving patient care and indoor air quality through fast, 24/7 UV-C air purification.

The synergy between AGT's expertise in lighting fixture and air purification system manufacturing and Ushio's expertise in Germicidal UV, Scientific and Medical light sources created the innovative VidaShield system. VidaShield reduces the levels of bacteria and fungi in treated air and reduces the settling of viable bacteria and fungi on surfaces. This unobtrusive, active UV-C air treatment system operates 24/7 in occupied spaces.

VidaShield was founded on the principal of doing what is right for patients and healthcare workers around the globe. We serve all customers with a sense of urgency, respect and excellence. Our philosophy of constant and never-ending improvement will continue with your input. Our focus is providing the healthcare sector with a healthier environment through better air, while under-promising and over-delivering to you, our customer. We appreciate our relationship and look forward to serving you because everyone deserves healthy air!

– Daniel Bogar, CEO

More about Ushio America

Ushio America, Inc. is constantly challenging the global market by providing new and better lighting for the future, today. Since its establishment in 1967, Ushio America Inc. has developed its product technology to include a wide variety of light sources used in many different markets.

Ushio America has a long history serving the healthcare industry. The Company manufacturers over 5,000 scientific, medical and UV lighting products that have been used in over 10,000 hospitals, labs and healthcare facilities throughout the globe. In addition, Ushio America designs and manufactures custom light sources for some of the world’s largest and most respected medical device manufacturers in the fields of microscopy, endoscopy, blood analysis, dental curing and surgical lighting.

One of the largest UV lamp manufacturers in the world with over 50 patents related to UV products and UV applications, Ushio has been manufacturing UV lamps since 1955 in Japan.

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